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Find out what your dreams are trying to tell you about your love life, your job, your friends, your career and more. Search for symbols by keyword or browse through the full list of symbols at Perfect Dreams.

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This Dream Dictionary can help you understand yourself. Through the process of Dream Interpretation you get a unique opportunity to unearth your hidden feelings and find things you were unaware of.

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Remember, finding true Dream Meanings is a process you need to go through alone. No one knows you better than you. What are your dreams like and what does it mean for you depends on many factors like your age, sex and of course your life experiences. This is the key that can help you discover many hidden secrets - use it wisely and have fun.

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The best method to find the right Dream Interpretation is to use this Dream Dictionary instantly after waking up. Do you remember what you dreamt about last night? I usually don't. That is why it's important to check your Dream Meanings when your memory is still fresh and you remember as many details as possible. Consider downloading our Free Dream Meanings application available on Android. This will give you access to the full library of Dream Interpretations from your bedroom.

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If you want to have access this Dream Dictionary without a need of turning on your laptop, check out Free Dream Meanings on Android.

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