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Dream Hair - Dream Interpretation Hair

Dream about Hair

Hair identifies with the head as a center of spiritual power and sexual energy. Men who dream of going bald may fear a loss of their virility.

  • Black hair

    - means sadness because of loneliness.
  • Brushing hair

    - is a sign of poverty and misery.
  • Cutting hair

    - indicates worries and prejudice
  • Cutting somebody's hair

    - suggests a wish for more control in a relationship.
  • For the young woman

    - dreaming of hair is a warning before forming new friendships.
  • Hair covering your face

    - symbolizes an emotional anxiety in the company of others.
  • Hair falling out

    - is a sign of a serious disease, arguments or the death of a relative.
  • Having beautiful hair

    - is a sign of a poor heath or taking loss in business.
  • Red hair

    - predicts serious changes.
  • Smelling hair

    - is a sign of secrets. To be enjoying the aroma of hair may mean happy secrets that you will hear.
  • Washing hair

    - is a sign of family worries.
  • White hair

    - symbolizes long and happy life.
  • Woman with gold hair

    - is a sign of good luck in love.

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Dream Hair

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