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Dream Jaws - Dream Interpretation Jaws

Dream about Jaws

  • If you dream that you are in the jaws of a wild beast

    - enemies will work injury to your affairs and happiness. This is a vexatious and perplexing dream.
  • If your own jaws ache with pain

    - you will be exposed to climatic changes, and malaria may cause you loss in health and finances.
  • To catch a jay-bird

    - interpret pleasant, though unfruitful, tasks.
  • To dream of a jay-bird

    - foretells pleasant visits from friends and interesting gossips.
  • To dream of seeing heavy

    - misshapen jaws, interpret disagreements, and ill feeling will be shown between friends.
  • To see a dead jay-bird

    - interpret domestic unhappiness and many vicissitudes.

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Dream Jaws

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