Dream Kidnap - Kidnap Dream Interpretation - Kidnap

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Dream Kidnap - Dream Interpretation Kidnap

Dream about Kidnap

To dream of a kidnapping in which you were not personally involved is a sign of sudden important changes in the offing.

  • Being kidnapped

    - you feel a lack of control in your life, also you are likely to be embarrassed by the company you have been keeping, a change of companions would probably be beneficial.
  • For a young woman

    - dreaming of kidnap is a prophecy of worries and quarrels with lover.
  • Seeing someone else kidnapped

    - may means that you feel that that person is in danger.
  • To do the kidnapping

    - you are being warned to guard your valuables against theft or loss, and if you can't do that, then be sure your insurance is in order

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Dream Kidnap

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