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Dream Snakes - Dream Interpretation Snakes

Dream about Snakes

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    - to dream that a common spotted snake approaches you from green herbs, and you quickly step aside as it passes you, and after you had forgotten the incident to again see it approaching and growing in dimensions as it nears you, finally taking on the form of an enormous serpent, if you then, after frantic efforts, succeed in escaping its attack, and altogether lose sight of it, it foretells that you will soon imagine you are being disobeyed and slighted, and things will go on from bad to worse. Sickness, uneasiness and unkindness will increase to frightful proportions in your mind, but they will adjust themselves to a normal basis, and by the putting aside of imaginary trouble, and masterfully shouldering duties, you will be contented and repaid.
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    - to dream that a snake coils itself around you and darts its tongue out at you, is a sign that you will be placed in a position where you will be powerless in the hands of enemies, and you will be attacked with sickness.
  • For a woman to dream that a dead snake is biting her

    - foretells she will suffer from malice of a pretended friend.
  • For a woman to hypnotize a snake

    - interpret your rights will be assailed, but you will be protected by law and influential friends.
  • If snakes turn into unnatural shapes

    - you will have troubles which will be dispelled if treated with indifference, calmness and will power.
  • If they bite you

    - you will succumb to evil influences, and enemies will injure your business.
  • To dream of snakes

    - is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages.
  • To handle them

    - you will use strategy to aid in overthrowing opposition.
  • To kill them

    - you will feel that you have used every opportunity of advancing your own interests, or respecting that of others. You will enjoy victory over enemies.
  • To see hairs turn into snakes

    - foretells that seeming insignificant incidents will make distressing cares for you.
  • To see little snakes

    - interpret you will entertain persons with friendly hospitality who will secretly defame you and work to overthrow your growing prospects.
  • To see or step on snakes while wading or bathing

    - interpret that there will be trouble where unalloyed pleasure was anticipated.
  • To see them bite others

    - foretells that some friend will be injured and criticised by you.
  • To see them wriggling and falling over others

    - foretells struggles with fortune and remorse.

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Dream Snakes

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